Of course when planning your wedding day you want to include cute details like balloons, bubbles, flower arrangements, and so much more! But lets get real, these small extra details can become a big problem when you have a budget. Who wants to end up paying a lot for something so small?! Well here is our secret tip: Try to omit the word “wedding” or “bridal” as much as possible and look outside of the wedding section! We promise you will save some serious money by doing this! Wedding services and details can be up to 80% more expensive than the same exact items with a different label.

“I went to Walmart to buy bubbles for an upcoming wedding and saw champaign flutes in the wedding section which were priced $10.00. I knew I could buy them for cheaper and went into a different section and there they were…the same brand of champagne flutes for only $2.00 that were labeled toasting flutes with no difference!” – Chavah

While shopping for those details, try to avoid the wedding section as much as possible! You can find bubbles which are identical to wedding bubbles but cheaper and in another section of the store. Some other services that you could save money on include your cake and flowers. By just asking for a white fondant cake rather than a white fondant wedding cake, you can save a couple hundred dollars. Then, just add your own topper and flowers! While booking your venue you may be able to make it slide if you are booking under an event instead of a wedding. But, if you can save some extra money by doing so that’s awesome! We definitely advise to keep these important services up to date and make it clear it is your wedding: Photographer and Videographer, DJ, Transportation, and sometimes it depends if you have a live musician. These services are important parts of your wedding day and people who need to have a timeline and be aware of all your wedding festivities!  

“I was doing research for weddings and needed a musician. The musician I found had quoted their wedding prices as $750 and events as $350 with no performance difference” – Chavah

At Vida Chic, we try to find the cheapest options for you as you should be able to enjoy your wedding, stress free without a big bill hanging over your shoulder throughout the whole day. Try to save money on the details where you can because there are a lot cheaper options out there! By doing this, you can splurge on some of the more expensive services or bigger details that you shouldn’t have a tight budget on.